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Machine Vision


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High resolution and progresive scan solid-state cameras for machine vision, scientific and industrial applications.

PULNiX progressive scan CCD cameras have the ability to capture detailed, full-resolution images of objects in motion (dynamic imaging) without mechanical shutter devices or special strobe lighting. The term "progressive scan" describes the scanning method for receiving and playing out the charge information on the CCDs. [more]

Pulnix America is a manufacturer of solid state CCD cameras for industrial vision application.  Products include RS-170 and high resolution ( 1024 x 1024 and higher ) CCD array cameras, color cameras, high speed asynchronous shutter cameras, low light integrating cameras, light intensified cameras, peltier-cooled CCD array cameras, CARD-CAM board level cameras, the new Progressive Scanning Camera Series ( analog and digital outputs ), as well as other special purpose cameras, lenses and video accessories.

" Give your vision system the eyes that make the difference " 



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Visilog is recognized as one of the most advanced image processing software packages for digital image analysis and real time vision systems.

Visilog5 is a native 32 bit image processing and analysis software package running under Windows 95/98/ NT, and Unix workstations from Sun, HP UX, SGI and IBM. Visilog provides the widest selection of features of any Windows based imaging software package including a wide selection of imaging algorithms, an analysis toolbox and a powerfull and easy to use macro recorder.

Visilog also supports a wide selection of third party frame grabbers from Coreco, Integral Technologies, and Matrox. Extension modules are also available for doing Fiber Analysis, Materials Analysis, XYZ stage controls and Advanced Morphology.

Kheops full GUI driven software for 3d reconstruction of 2d slices running on WindowsNT.

Noesis is a provider of consulting services for the development of custom imaging applications for machine vision applications or the life science industry.