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Now part of CWCEC (Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing).

Curtiss-Wright Embedded Computing - Real Time Video and Graphics, formerly Peritek, is a leading vendor of PMC graphics and PMC video. Our graphics and video solutions include CompactPCI, VME and PCI boards for the embedded computing industry. We offer the widest selection of single and dual-head video and single and dual-head graphics PMC modules. These include graphics controller, video capture and frame grabber designs.

   PMC Graphics and PMC Cards   CompactPCI graphics and CompactPCI cards   VME graphics and VME cards   PCI graphics and PCI cards   PMC Carriers and PMC Carrier cards



Primagraphics offers a unique range of products and skills. No other single supplier manufactures a wider range of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products to provide radar pre-processing, scan conversion, tracking and display integrated with TV video, infra-red and sonar.


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