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Military COTS


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Now part of CWCEC (Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing).

Providing The Defense And Aerospace Industry With Off-The-Shelf
Solutions In 6U VME Electronics For HARSH Environments.

World leader in rugged, COTS VME Chassis and Systems for specific military mission requirements. VISTA has provided applications specific military systems since 1985. These proven system products are built around reliable state-of-the-art technology and include Single Board Computers, PMC modules, a wide range of I/O boards, a complete line of enclosures and power supplies and the software necessary to glue them all together. Our unique expertise is in combining these standard COTS solutions with point designed or modified standard products necessary to meet our customer’s specific requirements. This method of integrating off-the-shelf and design specific products provide our customers with an extremely cost effective, quick to market, and program specific solution.


rugged boards; rugged single board computers, I/O modules, PMC cards and memory cards  










Graphics Products


Dy4  (Part of CWCEC)

CWCEC offers a broad range of products founded on open systems architecture 6U VME and 3U/6U CompactPCI. With board-level products, enclosures, software and systems integration services CWCEC can offer an embedded computing solution that meets the requirements of any development or production program.